Alessandro Dodi
The colours of blue


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Born in 1958 in Milan, where he lived and worked as a lawyer. All along passionately fond of the sea, in 1974 he began to be interested in underwater photography. He has worked as a scuba diving instructor at many dive sites all over the world, but for taking his pictures he prefers the Red Sea and the Pacific Ocean. He has contributed on several Italian and foreign magazines. He has won many prestigious u.w. photo contests, as: Festival Mondial de l’Image sous.marine in Antibes (F), International Underwater Photographic Competition in Los Angeles (USA), Festival de l’image sous-marine in Strasbourg (F), Festival PAF in Czechoslovakia, Kodak Oceanz in New Zeland, Marmara Festival in Turkey, Festival Image in United Kingdom, Celebrate the Sea in Malaysia, Festival of Videocinematografia e Fotografia Subacquea dell’Isola d’Elba (I), Festival “Il mare a Milano” (I) and Festival “Pelagos” in Roma (I).
His web site won the prize of the best artistic web-site
on the 2004 Festival Mondial de l’Image Sous-marine in Antibes (France). He liked the environment pictures, where the human presence is reduced; about the macro photography he liked the portraits of fishes and micro-organisms, seeing the chromatism and the composition. His calendars was made by his most impressive pictures...


Best artistic site Award
31° Festival Mondial de l'Image Sous-Marine. Antibes, 2004.